A downloadable game for Windows, Linux, and Android

Polychoron is a simple but challenging 3D shoot'em up in zero gravity environment in series of unique mazes. The objective is to take out hostile drones guarding the maze, collect score items and power-ups and reach the next maze alive. Each maze will be harder than the previous one. When you eventually die, you have a chance to get your name on the online high score table and enjoy eternal glory.


  • Full 6-degrees-of-freedom controls in 3D space.
  • Unique procedurally generated mazes.
  • Designed for bite sized game sessions (a few minutes per maze).
  • Online high score table for the best pilots.

All feedback will be appreciated!

Note: The Android version is considered experimental and its future is uncertain. I will need feedback on touch screen control usability. It will probably warn about "unknown developer" because the APK has not yet been reviewed by Google. I will add a link to Google Play here when it's available.

See the official game page for more information: https://www.fractilegames.com/polychoron/

Install instructions

Windows/Linux: Extract package contents, run executable.

Android: Download and run APK, accept install from "untrusted sources". Google Play link will be provided later.


polychoron-0.0.3-windows.zip 14 MB
polychoron-0.0.3-linux.tar.bz2 14 MB
polychoron-0.0.3.apk 20 MB

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