Polychoron 0.1.0 beta update

Polychoron has gone beta! This means that all the content planned for launch is there and I will now focus on bug fixing before the release later this year.

Here's a new gameplay trailer from this beta version:

This update does not bring any major changes, just visual improvements and some bug fixes. Here's the full change log since last alpha version 0.0.10:

  • Animate logo transition from splash screen to menu on game start.
  • Rotate the camera outside the level behind menu when game is not in progress.
  • Added current high score rank to level completion statistics.
  • Animate numbers in level completion screen.
  • Added short menu fade in animation.
  • Fixed incorrect positioning of rail gun muzzle flash lights.
  • Added a proper adaptive icon for Android.
  • Show an in-app privacy statement on first run in the mobile version.
  • Hide keyboard shortcut tips in the mobile version.

This does not necessarily mean the end of new features. I probably won't be adding any major features before version 1.0.0 but I have a long list of ideas for the future. Further development depends mostly on how much visibility and interest the game gets during and after the launch.

This new version is now available here on itch.io. Android version will be soon available on Google Play and the web version has been updated on GotM.io.

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I already have some feedback for the Android version! Could you add a brightness setting? Because it’s really hard to play the game in sunlight, due to how dark it is!

Or, even cooler: a mode where textures of the walls are swapped for some brighter ones!


I have to admit that this is a problem I haven't even thought about. I assumed adjusting phone's screen brightness would be enough. I'm not sure how much simply increasing game's brightness would help as that would effectively lower contrast. But a sunlight mode with somehow adjusted textures is definitely worth exploring.

I will see what I can do.


Do you think something like this would help with sunlight visibility? If I make the walls brighter entirely, it would make seeing the enemies and items harder.


Yes, great idea! This would certainly help a lot. Maybe also add an option to adjust the thickness of those outlines, if it’s not too difficult.

Another option would be just a reverse color, i.e. make walls bright and the enemies and items dark. You could even do it by just using a shader that inverses colors.

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Congratulations on the beta release and on not giving up! It’s really hard to persistently work on a single game for so long and not lose interest. I know it at first hand, I have several games stuck “in development”.

Also, I just installed the game on my Android device and… it’s staying there pretty much forever. ;-) It’s a very fun game to play while on the road.