Polychoron 0.0.6 alpha update

This update focuses mostly on audio improvements but there are many other changes as well, including a major change in power-up behavior.

Initially I wanted to reset all power-up effects between levels but I've realized that it ruins any sense of progression. On the other hand I don't want to have persistent cumulating upgrades that would require ramping up the difficulty exponentially. The solution is to have persistent upgrades that have limited use and "wear off" eventually. I call them ship modules. Icons in the bottom right HUD show installed ship modules at any time and their color indicates module's condition.

Currently there are two such modules: Shield and fire rate increase. The shield absorbs 50% of damage and wears off after taking certain amount damage. Fire rate increase does what you'd expect but now only for the next 100 shots.

The future of the mobile version has so far been a bit uncertain as I've been waiting to hear if people think it's worth keeping alive. Although I got very little feedback on it, I have decided to keep updating it. From now on, the mobile version has it's own separate high score table, because there is no point in having touch screen players compete with players using mouse and keyboard. I have also made the enemies in the mobile version a bit more forgiving.

Here's full list of changes since the previous alpha version:

  • Added intro/menu music by DavilOne.
  • Added ambient cockpit sound loop.
  • Made score power-ups automatically move towards player.
  • Open menu automatically to pause game if mouse capture is lost unexpectedly.
  • Improved ESC key behavior in the web version.
  • Play thruster sounds directly based user controls (less realistic, feels more responsive).
  • Stop all looping sounds when game is paused.
  • Added looping sound to active teleports and changed teleport entry sound.
  • Added better ship collision sound with multiple variants.
  • Changed player ship damage sound.
  • Limit laser trap looping sound audible range.
  • Added shield module power-up.
  • Made fire rate increase power-up persistent between levels but only last for 100 shots.
  • Show active ship modules in the right HUD.
  • Made multiplier power-up look like an X instead of plus sign that people mistook for health.
  • Use a separate high score table in the mobile version.
  • Fixed sentry gun projectile damage not increasing with enemy "toughness".
  • Made mobile version enemies a bit easier.
  • Show random gameplay tips at bottom of menu.
  • Added sounds on missed projectiles hitting maze walls.
  • Use Butler to push updates to Itch.io (works much better with Itch application).
  • Rewrote power box placement logic to avoid overlapping lights and other wall texture details.
  • Added random panel meshes on walls.

The new version has been updated here on Itch.io as well as on Google Play. The web version is hosted on Gotm.io.


polychoron-linux.zip 23 MB
Version 0.0.6 Aug 30, 2020
polychoron-windows.zip 22 MB
Version 0.0.6 Aug 30, 2020
polychoron.apk 29 MB
Version 0.0.6 Aug 30, 2020

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Great update! I like the new sound effects! They improve dynamics a lot.

I think limited-use updates is a good compromise. Still, it would be cool to have something even more persistent. Maybe the player could collect metal scraps from dead enemies and use them to improve the ship in some way at the end of each level. Just a suggestion!

Score power-ups moving towards player is such a massive QoL improvement! It’s always been so annoying to collect them until now.

Thanks for listening to my feedback! I’m glad it’s of some help. :-)

And welcome to the butler club! How do you like it so far?



Butler is great, makes things so much easier. I should have start using it earlier :)