Progress report

I have made changes to the weapon/device management UI. It has long had a problem with accidental weapon changes while installing modifiers or just interacting with devices. Also, unintentionally destroying a modifier was too easy, even with the added confirmation. To fix this, switching weapon now requires a shoot button press and installing or destroying a modifier requires holding the button down. Initially this felt wrong because I was so accustomed to the old way, but this is definitely better.

The next update will use a custom built Godot engine. I have wanted to do this for a long time but I have feared that the unsigned executable will lead to problems with Microsoft Defender and anti-virus programs. After doing some digging, I noticed that Godot export templates are not signed either, only the editor binary is. The next update will be a test to see if this is a real problem or not.

Next up: Bug fixes and preparation for the next alpha update. I still have quite a lot of things on my list before the update but I'm considering postponing most of that to get it out sooner.

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