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You're a lone corporation contract worker sent to salvage lost cargo on a distant uncharted planet full of hostile lifeforms. Mow down waves of unique enemies earning access to better equipment and customize your weapons to suit your play style. Protect the cargo and live to enjoy your reward.

Phobos Down is a minimal twin stick shooter with focus on smooth controls and satisfying action. The plan is to keep things simple. Instead of adding tons of features, complex skill trees and crafting, this game will only have the bare essentials needed for engaging twin stick shooter action.

The game is currently in development with an early alpha version available. Note that while the core game is playable with all major mechanics implemented, it still lacks a lot of the planned content, polish and balancing.

Any feedback will be appreciated!


phobos-down-linux.zip 21 MB
Version 0.0.6 46 days ago
phobos-down-windows.zip 21 MB
Version 0.0.6 46 days ago

Install instructions

Extract the package to any folder and run the executable from there.

Microsoft Defender likely warns you about "unrecognized app" when launching this game. This is because you're one of the first people to ever run the executable, so Defender knows nothing about it. You can either click "more info" from the dialog and then "run anyway" to let it run despite the warning or install the game through Itch.io application instead.

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Very nice twin stick shooter! I like the simplicity of it, which is what you were going for. The graphics are very nice! And the upgrade mechanics is pretty good.

I have only one major gripe - the aiming feels very cumbersome. I keep hitting the terrain or shooting over the enemies, especially the flying ones. And I think it’d be nice if the crosshair wouldn’t be locked at a fixed distance from the character.

I think it would be nice if the game paused at the beginning to let you read the tutorial.

I also think the game could use some music!

Very nice job overall, good luck with this game!


Thanks for giving it a go!

I will consider making the mouse aiming crosshair behavior an option later on. There is room for improvement in the vertical auto-aiming but it will never be perfect. Luckily missing some shots is not that bad when the ammunition is infinite.

The control guide text at the beginning is just something I slapped in at the last moment when I realized there were no in-game instructions at all. It will be improved.

This is a very early version with a lot of things missing. Music is one of them. I intend to add music at least in the menu. I'm not sure about background music during gameplay. I generally prefer using a lot of ambient sounds instead..