Progress report

Lately I've been mostly working on audio. Most importantly, there is now a title music playing in the menu but I'm not showing it just yet.

The containers now play collision sounds if they get pushed and roll down the hill for example. This is a minor detail because the containers rarely move but when they do, it felt weird that they didn't make any sounds.

To add more variation between landing sites, I added randomized wind. There's an ambient  wind sound playing in the background and the wind affects all particles too:

The wind speed in the video is exaggerated to better show the effects. It will probably never get that strong in the game.

As I mentioned last time, there is now an in-game selection for the language (only English and Finnish, at least for now):

Next up on my task list: A lot of minor and miscellaneous fixes that I've been postponing for too long. I will soon start preparing for another alpha release too.

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