Progress report

The most noticeable addition this week is the orbital strike device drop pod. It's a device that allows the player to order a missile strike from the ship in orbit. 

Functionally it's similar to already existing timed explosive device and it too is best used by luring enemies into the are of the strike to get that sweet multi-kill score bonus:

The auto-aim target indicator now dims when line of sight to target is blocked:

This is a feature that most players won't probably even notice, so spending so much time to make it happen wasn't smart but it's done now. And it forced me to do some code restructuring that will be helpful in future.

Next up on my task list: In-game language selection. I'm not sure how important feature this is at this point as there is currently only two languages supported (English and Finnish) and I don't know if there will be more. At least it will be convenient in testing.

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