A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Find and destroy all enemy sentry guns in randomly generated maze as fast as possible. Using six-degree-of-freedom controls in zero gravity.

This is my entry to Linux Game Jam 2019. My game Polychoron continues the work started here.


Move left/right: Gamepad left stick X, keyboard A-D

Move forward/backward: Gamepad left stick Y, keyboard W-S

Move up/down: Gamepad Square/X-Cross/A, keyboard R-F

Yaw left/right: Gamepad right stick X, keyboard left-right

Pitch up/down: Gamepad right stick Y, keyboard up-down

Roll left/right: Gamepad L2-R2, keyboard Q-E

Shoot: Gamepad R1, keyboard space

Abort match: Esc

NOTE: A gamepad is definitely the best way to play the game, but it needs to be a good one. I tested PS3 controller and Logitech F310 gamepad and the hard-coded deadzones in the latter made accurate aiming really hard.

The making of

The game is made on Xubuntu Linux and using mostly open-source tools:

- Godot Engine 3.1
- Blender 2.80 beta
- Gimp 2.10
- Ocenaudio 3.6.1 (free, not open-source)

All sounds are CC0 sounds from freesound.org.

The source code for this game is available on GitHub.

I spent approximately 15-20 hours on this game project in total after starting from absolute scratch. I had to cut a lot of important stuff on my To Do -list to make the deadline:

  • Mouse control  (added in post-jam update). 
  • Acceleration to keyboard controls.
  • Proper menus and completion/failure screens. 
  • Full-screen mode and resolution switching. 
  • High-score tables.
  • A lot of eye candy (for example particle effects and SSAO).


linuxgamejam2019-mazeflyer-update1.tar.bz2 23 MB
linuxgamejam2019-mazeflyer.tar.bz2 (original jam version) 23 MB

Install instructions

The package contains game executables for Linux and Windows. Extract the package to directory of your choice and run it from there.  Warning: The windows version is practically untested.

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