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This is my entry to the Alt Ctrl Game Jam 2017. It's a custom wireless two-player controller for my local multiplayer game called Hyper Ultra Astronautics. The game itself is freely available here on Itch.io.

I had one Raspberry PI board lying around and I had been waiting for an excuse to learn to use the GPIO on it. This was it. Admittedly my project isn't very groundbreaking or original, but it served its purpose for me.

Here's what I used:

  • Raspberry PI 3 Model B running Raspbian.
  • Two rotary encoders with potentiometer knobs.
  • Four basic push buttons.
  • A cheap plastic container used as an enclosure.
  • About 400 lines of C++ code to read the stuff connected to GPIO and communicate with the game over Wi-Fi.

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