A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Hyper Ultra Astronautics is a competitive local multiplayer space arena shooter with somewhat realistic physics and support for up to 16 players on the same PC. Play using keyboard, mouse or gamepads. Or join the match using your mobile phone as controller!

System requirements: Windows or Linux PC with Intel HD4000 or better GPU. Mobile controller application requires Android 4.0 or later and Wi-Fi access to same network with the PC.

The mobile controller application is available as an alpha test version on Google Play (it might take a while before you can see the application in store after registering as tester). Alternatively, you can download the application directly here (you will have to "allow untrusted sources" temporarily to install it on your mobile device).

Feel free to leave feedback or bug reports on the discussion board here or contact me via email or web form. All feedback will be greatly appreciated!

NOTE: Please keep in mind that this is an early alpha test version and does not represent final game quality or content.

Install instructions

Extract the contents of the package to a directory of your choice and run the game from there.

Windows version might need Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 runtime (if not already installed). If Linux versions complain about missing libraries, make sure you have libXaw and libGLU libraries installed.


astronautics-0.0.7-win32.zip (9 MB)
astronautics-0.0.7-linux64.tar.bz2 (11 MB)
astronautics-0.0.7-linux32.tar.bz2 (11 MB)